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Travel and basic hotel fire safety

My husband is a fire protection engineer for a global insurance company. I write this article for him as he has taught me to be more fire prepared. Always have a plan for each hotel.

  1. While traveling do not stay above the 6th floor. A firemen’s ladder can only go to 6 floors.
  2. Always walk your way out of the building through the stairs as soon as you get to your room. If their is a fire you will need to crawl your way out. There is more oxygen close to the floor. Wet a T-shirt or wash cloth to breathe through while going through smoke or fire.
  3. Always shut all doors. There was a fire on the first floor of an apartment building. The women ran out of her unit but did not close the door. That fire roared up the stairwells to the top floor. If she had just shut the door it would have bought more time for the fire dept.
  4. If any part of you catches on fire always remember STOP-DROP-AND ROLL! If you run so will the fire. Stop drop and roll and cover your face if you can.
  5. Learn the emergency phone number for the country you are going to be visiting. Here are the top 25.

how to successfully escape a fire

If the door is warm to the touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!if the door is warm do not open it.

2. stuff the cracks around the door with wet linens from your towels to your clothes.

3. If you have a phone in your room call 911 or the local emergency code for the country you are visiting and let them know where you are in the hotel and that you cannot get out.

4. Signal at he window with a flash light or wave a sheet.

If the door is not warm -Slowly open to check for smoke

2. Take the stairs down.

3. Pull the fire alarm if it is not going off.

4. Get out and stay out.

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