Toronto 2016

You will absolutely love Toronto!
It is the 5th largest and most friendly city in North America.

This is an art exhibit of the death of the sun in downtown Toronto!

It has a huge lake, a wonderful arts scene, cool museums and castles and many great restaurants. It has some of the happiest people I have ever seen in my life. There are over 140 languages spoken there and everyone gets along. Gay people walk freely down the street holding hands and dance cheek to cheek in the bars and no one bats an eye. Muslims walk freely without stares. Old people are treated like gold.

In the 5 days we were there we never saw one grumpy person.  Not one! Everyone has smiles on their faces. Everyone holds the door for you. Even on a packed train a young man gets up and offers me his seat. I thank him and tell my husband ” I guess I am officially an old lady now. The young man corrects me and says no, I gave you my seat because you are a lady!  Wow. I love this place.

Niagara Falls- yes you do get wet!

We stop and ask directions outside a restaurant and the owner says come on in here. It is

Rooftops downtown
Toronto Rooftops

Canadian Thanksgiving, which is the second Monday in October and we want to give you a free turkey and dressing dinner. It was fabulous.

My husband goes to the bathroom and I am sitting alone and two young couples come up and wish me a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Niagara Falls Canada is only an hour away and should be a must see on everyone’s bucket list. Two days and one night is all you need at Niagara Falls.  The town has turned into a tacky bunch of tourists attractions.  Make sure to go up the Skylon tower at night to see the falls and make sure you google information about the 7 year old boy who fell off the falls with a life jacket on and survived unhurt.  This was in 1960.  An unbelievable story.  You have to believe in angels after you hear this story. We also enjoyed the bird kingdom and of course the Niagara Falls boat tours.  The Canadian side is much better than the American side for viewing.

Honestly I have traveled to many places and never felt so safe(no guns), so valued and so accepted by young and old. No need for a car as the subways and trains and trolleys and Uber get you everywhere.

Things we loved!

  1. Casa Loma- a wonderful castle built by a very rich man who lost it all and moved into his butler’s home in old age.  A very good lesson about too much house.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum-  very cool dinosaur exhibit, check and see if they have a Friday night party for music and touring.
  3. St Lawrence Market.
  4. Guided tour of the Elgin and Winter garden Theatre- a double decker theatre.
  5. Queen street murals and Kensington market.
  6. Loblaw’s grocery store. Eat fresh food in their food court!
  7. Niagara Falls is just a couple hours away.
I love Toronto!

Also everything is 25% off right now because of the exchange rate!   This is a wonderful time to go to Toronto. A beautiful happy place and very inclusive society.

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