The lady still travels

picture1It is funny how one morning you will wake up and you are 60 years old and you forgot how to be a child again.  How to find that pure joy and childlike wonder.

When you travel it gives you the opportunity to be a child again. To feel uncomfortable, yet excited about discovering how small this world really can be.  To wake up and say cool what are we going to do today?
All cultures have love at the center; it is the surrounding package I find so fun to open.

If every Monday you clean and every Tuesday you go to the store and every Wednesday you volunteer and you do the same things every week then you are not using many brain cells.  I recently traveled with an 81 year old psychotherapist and painter to Africa.  She told me that when you travel your brain becomes alive and produces more baby neurons.  You have to think about so many different things that you actually stimulate your brain more during travel.

Travel gives you the opportunity to go somewhere and discover really who you
when stripped of your belongings, your friends and your title’s.

Who is at your center and do you like her?

This is why I travel and you?