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Packing cubes your chest of drawers on the road!

The best new travel item is the packing cubes. I have tried about 4 different ones and they all make traveling easier. They do not add any weight, they keep things clean and organized. They can also act as a compression bag. There are many YouTubes showing how to squish as much as possible into these packing cubes but the truth is they don’t have to be full at all. Just think of them as your chest of drawers at home. This one is for pants, long sleeve, underwear and socks, warm clothes and specialty.

This was my first set and it hooked me. I learned I like different colors of cubes so I can easily identify which drawer I need to open. I had to make labels for each one because they all were similar.
These turned out to be a little too cheap. The threads kept getting caught in all the zippers. Some are still usuable, but not trustworthy for a 3 week trip.

We normally do not go to one place and stay the entire time when we vacation. This past Christmas our trip was 6 nights and 3 hotels. We were at very nice hotels for dinner. On Christmas Eve we were required to wear evening gown and suit attire. The next two nights we were at a rustic lodge in Yosemite hiking. So I packed all my evening gown attire including strapless bra, underwear, earrings, long skirt and long pants. All of that went into my cube labeled specialty. That night I just opened up the cube and everything was there for me, but shoes. I love these Travelon cubes!

I could not make up my mind if I wanted to wear flowing thin pants or the long skirt so I took both.
I packed all into this one packing cube and labeled it specialty. I made sure to have everything I needed for that one fancy night.
I had to bring dress shoes so I packed them along with tennis shoes in this thin shoe bag.
This is my second set. They are Travelon and are smaller and have a wire around the edge for stability. I love the three different colors and the fact you can see what’s inside.
Bagail is my new favorite as they are sturdy, cute, have double zippers, have a small handle and a partial see through area.

Just start with any packing cube and you will see how much easier it is to travel.