Packing lists

As you get older you get a little more forgetful. So years ago I made up this spreadsheet with everything I need to travel.

You will have to personalize your own list. You can use excel or even hand write them out on a piece of paper and make copies. You should print 10 of these sheets at a time and put them on a clipboard. You only need one but, you want to have them ready for even a sudden trip. Update it each trip so that within a few trips you will have a very useful tool for traveling.

When you are packing, just cross off each item on your list. Have you ever forgotten something real important? No more “Did I forget to bring my bee sting kit. Did I bring a bathing suit?” Everything is on one list. You can actually watch TV and get out your list and hand write which clothes you want to bring. Then you get the suitcase out and start filling it up. This way of packing makes traveling so much easier and less stressful.


I also have a spreadsheet for how to get my house ready for going away for 2-4 weeks.
Here is an example. You will need to customize your own. As we go out the door we scratch off everything on this list and know that we did lock the doors, we did turn down the air-conditioning, we did turn down the water heater and the dog’s sitter has been paid. Take the stress out of your travel by making it brainless with a list.

List of things to do at home:

Turn off/unplug all TVs
Washer hoses turned off
Turn water heaters down
Hot water pump off
Check ALL thermostats
Keys out of door locks
Cushions up outside
Dogs and neighbors
Water plants
Lock office/lock bedroom
Lights on
Sprinkler system on/off?
Cancel newspapers
Clean dog’s room and bowls
Call Banks to let know which countries
Get Cash
Charge all phones and call providers @ usage outside of us
Dog sitter payment and instructions and itinerary
Send our itinerary and all information to: Val, Linda and Bill
Take out all trash and food that will spoil
Leave a hidden key
Leave a copy of passports in a hidden place
Does someone know where your will is?