General Tips For Travel

Go to second hand stores when you travel and especially in foreign countries.

We went to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Waterford Ireland.  I found a beautiful etched vase that needed a little cleaning for 5 euros.  Many former Waterford glass cutters got to keep their machines after they retire. You can find some one of a kind pieces that would cost a lot of money at the Waterford factory.  This was a steal.

In Croatia I asked the proprietor of our B&B did she know of any good second-hand shops?  She gave me directions to 3 of them.  I bought a purple winter rain coat with double zippers that I wear when I travel.  I love it but if I lose it or leave it behind I have very little money in it.  It is perfect for on the water in a boat.  It protects me against wind and rain.  My husband got a beautiful leather vest.

In Colorado after my hiking boots fell apart on the way though security I needed a pair quick, yet I did not want to spend $250 at a fancy Telluride store.  So I went to a second-hand shop in Telluride and bought a pair of hiking boots for eight dollars that got me through the trip until I got home.  Also a great place to get souvenir t-shirts.

In HHI there is a second-hand shop called Bargain Box that people wait in line to get into almost daily. They even had an airplane for sale one time.  I have bought furniture and chandelier and many designer outfits.

Now you won’t find any thing you want in a second-hand store in  Africa or Cuba but most countries and definitely in the United States make sure to hit second-hand stores or even Good Wills to help if you left something at home.  Also a great place to get a used suitcase if yours breaks or a back pack.

We love the cultural treasure hunt.  It is always interesting to look through other people’s clothes and things.  This is great for cheap entertainment.

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