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My hiking boots – true story

I bought a pair of brown Vasque boots 8 years ago.  I wore them maybe 5 times as I don’t really like the color brown.

We are going to Africa on safari and they tell you not to wear blue or black because of tsetse flies.  So I was glad I kept the brown Vasque boots.

One month before Africa we took a trip to hike in Colorado.    I decided to wear them just to make sure I still liked them.

Well going through security I felt like I had stepped in gum.  I looked down and almost the entire sole had come off.

I showed Mark and he took this picture.  We went to REI when we landed in Colorado and they told us they were over one year and we would have to talk to Vasque.  We sent them a picture and told them we would like them to do an autopsy because this should not have happen.  They were in my temperature controlled closet and had not been worn.

Vasque immediately asked my size and sent me a replacement.  Mind you these are $230 boots.  Good shoes last and should be guaranteed! Now we are off to Africa in my new brown Vasque hiking boots.  Just one picture and one email on social media will get a quick response.

Always try on all your clothes and wear your shoes before you head out on an adventure.  Thank goodness I always pack my extra shoes in my carry on.

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