Hilton Head Island 2016 Valentines

I bought this winter rain coat with double zippers in Croatia at a second hand store. It is perfect for cold rainy days on the ocean.

We love Hilton Head Island. It is unique in the fact that they outlaw any big signage and billboards. The beauty is astonishing.  The Spanish moss waves at you as it drapes  over the large old oak trees.  Let the katydids, frogs and the ocean sing you to sleep each night. Marvel at the sunrise each morning.

HHI is a paradise for animals, insects, fish, sharks, alligators and birds. I even like the fiddler crabs. The boy fiddler crabs have one big hand and one little hand. They wave the big hand at the girls to entice them to fool around together.

We took a little dinner cruise on the ocean on Valentines night. We saw a young man propose to his girlfriend at a table next to us. He had just a diamond spec for a ring yet she was very happy and beamed all night.

List our top ten things to do in HHI.

1. Go to the beach-Hilton Head Island beaches are flat.  They do not have many seashells at all.  They are excellent for walking, bike riding and wheel chairs.

2. Go eat great food!   Thousands of restaurants to choose from in HHI.  We can never get in all of our favorite restaurants when we visit.

3. Go to the second hand shops.  Bargain box, Litter box, St Francis are all great second hand shops with designer clothing and unique home décor.  I always hit Bargain Box as they seem to have the best items.  They even sold an airplane one time.

4. Go to the outlet malls.

5. Get up and watch the sunrise and make sure to walk the beach at night to see all the stars.

6. Get out on the water whether it is a dinner cruise or a lesson on what is under the ocean or our favorite is to rent a fishing boat and go out for a few hours.  Lots of sharks, cobia, red fish and many more to catch.

7.  HHI has a wonderful tradition on Thanksgiving.  The restaurant called Hudson’s along with a few churches puts out an incredible Thanksgiving dinner for free.  They believe that no one should eat alone on Thanksgiving.  Over 1000 people come to it.  You will be at a table with 18 people and you share a really wonderful turkey dinner and all the fixings.  You would think it was just poor people that come but that is not true.  Many wealthy families come that are on vacation and many older people come rather than cook a big dinner for just two.  All they ask is that you make a donation to their charity that helps people in that region.  We have been going for almost 20 years.  We have dined with the poor, the rich and little kids and people into their 90’s.  You will feel like one of the original pilgrims when they ate with the Indians.  A magical experience.

8. Do you like classic cars?  Concourse de Elegance is held the first week in November.

9.  Yacht hop is a wonderful experience for food tasting and seeing yachts.

10.  HHI has one of the best Veteran’s memorial parks around.  My father was military so I bought him a brick there and go by every year to see it.  A very peaceful place to honor all soldiers of all wars.  It overlooks a beautiful marsh and is a wonderful  peaceful place to walk around with your dog .


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