Greece 2016


                                                   The iconic photo from Santorini

Santorini, Greece 2016
Greece is begging for tourists right now and there are many deals to be had. Speaking of begging it is bad in Athens, Greece. I hate seeing children beg as young as 5 years old. They say do not give children money as then their parents will continue to make them beg but it is hard to say no to a kid.

I was told by a John’s taxi driver ( a fabulous all day price and guide) that the average income for Greeks used to be $2500 a month. Now it is $1000 a month and yet their bills are the same. Athens has graffiti everywhere. Every sq. inch of buildings from the street to 6 ft. tall are covered with graffiti. Beggars are constant. The shopkeepers are also all over you. The owner of this one shop chased me out of the store because she had to keep telling me over and over again why her prices were more than the shop next door. She said all of his merchandise comes from China and hers is handmade in Greece. I told her three times I just wanted to look. I can’t think when someone is constantly talking in my ear and I told her this about me and she kept talking. I left. I do not want to be badgered by a shop keeper, nor do I want them following me around the store.
Ok now the good.

             Boots with a view!

Wow what history! I recommend going to the Parthenon museum before you go up to the Parthenon. It helps explain what you will be looking at and its history. The Parthenon is very uneven rocky terrain and you need really good shoes and no heels.

Great food here near the Parthenon


The food is wonderful and the people are fun. The Greeks will tell you that all of civilization started in their country, they list that they were the first to invent money, Lesbians, architecture and so on.

Their linens are well made and beautiful! The history is so rich!               If you are a history buff this is a wonderful vacation for you.

Church service on Greek Easter night

If you are lucky enough to get to Greece during the Greek Easter you will be in for a treat.                                              

Greek Easter is different than American Easter.  It is on a different date.

Even if you are not religious this is a festival for all your senses.  It is so fun to watch and be with the Greek people  on this day, especially around midnight. This is when all the people are on the streets with religious parades and ceremonies.  All the kids are still up and people even bring their dogs into town square for this celebration.  Everyone puts a lamb on a spit and invites total stranger to help them eat it.   Greek Easter should be on everyone’s bucket list.

I enjoyed riding a donkey up the road in Santorini.  Just do not do the one with has tons of steps coming down.


Greece has many beautiful islands that will take your breath away.


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