Costa Rica -Pura Vida 2019

Full disclosure- I was on a cruise ship and we stopped just for a short time during the day in 4 small to large cities. Three of those days we did excursions and two days we went and explored on our own. Really I feel like I just had a spoon full of Cost Rica and now I want to go back again and again. I usually do not like to go back to places I have already visited, but I would come back to Costa Rica. One third of the worlds bird species live here. The best fishing, the best wildlife, the best flora and fauna and the best dancing. The Costa Rican people refer to themselves as Tico’s and Ticas. Everyone smiles at you, even the flowers.

My first yellow fin Tuna

We went fishing in the Isle of Parida. Cast fishing was difficult because you are suppose to cast and reel in very quick while jerking the rod. Well after 10 minutes of that you are wore out. None of us caught a fish that way. When we trolled with the bait hanging off the back rods we hit schools of yellow fin Tuna and Wahoo’s. We saw dolphins and vultures all around us. This was very exciting fishing.

The hitch hiker butterflies

Late one night while we were sailing about 100 of these butterflies showed up on the back deck of our boat. The lights attracted them. What they were doing in the ocean I have no idea but we enjoyed our stow aways.

We also visited Santa Juana on a tour. We loved it. First we drove through a huge palm tree farm. This is where they make palm oil. Honestly we drove about 10 continuous miles through these Palm trees. I could not believe how beautiful it was. Then you see two guys on a motorcycle carrying a 15 foot pole with a machete on top. This is how they would get the fruit off the tree. We stop at a local farm where oxen turn sugarcane into liquid. We got to taste it and even get a kiss from the bull standing behind me.

Then we go on a nature walk with breathtaking views to a waterfall where most of the group changed into their bathing suits and jumped into the big deep blue hole. This was quite refreshing.

My first Tilapia!

Then they take us a to a little pond that is stocked with tilapia and we fished with what looks like pellets of dog food on a cane pole. A wonderful day seeing the rural areas of Costa Rica.

This is a flower in Costa Rica. It attracts humming birds.
Great Fishing in Costa Rica
In 1950’s a group of Quaker families from Fair Hope Alabama moved to Costa Rica and protected this bird the Resplendent Quetzal from extinction.

Shopping at the San Jose Airport is fantastic!

Amethyst and turquoise necklace. I bought at the San Jose airport gift shop. Lots of interesting pieces.

Make sure to allow time as they have a lot of very interesting jewelry, wood crafts, really cool howler monkey t shirts, chocolate, food items, stuffed animals, sunglasses . Great food courts and friendly people.

Pura Vida means living the good life!

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