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Cheat sheets for foreign currency

True story about currency… I always make a cheat sheet before I go to another country. I do one side dollars to euros and the other side euros to dollars. This way I can quickly understand what I spending. I will also put F vs C and miles vs kilometers.
The reason I do this is because 20 years ago, before the euro, we were traveling in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium in one trip. All had different currencies.

I was born in Munich so I wanted a German girl’s dirndl dress. In Germany they were about $700 US and when we got to Belgium I tried one on that I liked and I thought it was $100 US. As I was going to the register with my visa card in hand, a friend of mine asked me if I knew how much that dress cost. I said yes about $100 and he said no try $1000 us dollars. I was going by the German mark conversion instead of the Belgium currency. I would have come home and been devastated as I was very young back then and $1000 was a fortune to me at that time.

I use excel spreadsheets and make up a cheat sheet before I leave the USA. Excel is just a fancy way of saying a list.  You can simply make a list of US dollar to the euro and euro to US dollar.

Now you can go on the following website and make a travelers cheat sheet to keep on you at all times.  Sure you could get the information on an app on your phone but when you travel you never know if you will be able to get online to get the information.  Where this is especially helpful  is when you have currencies such as Tanzania and their exchange rate is 2500 to one dollar.

I am including several currency cheat sheets I have used in the past.  I keep these small and fold them in half so they fit in my wallet. I love to look back and see what the exchange rates were the last time I traveled.

This is my cheat sheet to Hungary 2012

My cheat sheet for Ireland 2014

Cheat sheet for Argentina 2018