California Christmas 2018

Sometimes things don’t go as planned yet they still can be a lot of fun. So Mark thought he was booking a trip to San Jose Costa Rica and instead he accidentally booked San Jose California. We figured it out 8 hours later and we could have canceled but decided why not? We just wanted to get out of town for Christmas because it would be the first Christmas without his father. So we really had a nice relaxing time and went to three different areas. Morrow bay, Yosemite Valley Lodge in Yosemite national park and Half Moon Bay. Here are the photos.

Hearst’s Castle
I knew we were close when all of the sudden I saw lots of zebras in the fields with horses. Really who has zebras in their front yard?
The swimming pool that was enlarged three times. Many celebrities came here. To me the man had more money than taste. This was such a mish mash of styles.
The little house they lived in before big one was built.
Elephant seals with babies are just 4 miles down the road. The baby right in the middle next to his mom is one day old.
Loved this hotel right on the water in Morrow bay. We had a ball at the Siren bar with live music.
Our view!

We had reservations at Yosemite national park Valley Lodge for two days during the government shutdown. No rangers or guard gate attendants. Everything still worked and you don’t need internet when your here. So much beauty and hiking! We ate several wonderful meals at the Majestic Yosemite hotel. Christmas Eve an evening gown was required. That was fun.

Yosemite National Park . The redwood trees are really red!
Everywhere you look in Yosemite is beauty!
I love this redwood house!

We then travel to Half Moon Bay and the Cypress Inn. What a joy and the breakfast was better than I have ever had in any 5 star hotel. French toast to die for and Eggs Benedict at absolute perfection. Breakfast was delivered to your room even on Christmas morn. The view was phenomenal. Being an east cost girl I never really see the sun set over the ocean. I only see it rise. So this was a joy for me.

Cool funky house along the boardwalk by the shore.
Loved this little park!

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