I have traveled my whole life! I was born in Munich Germany and had my first international travel when I was 9 months old back to the states. I lived 12 places by the time I was in the 12th grade. I also traveled for my working life as a National Accounts Manager throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

I am 60 years old, married, a dog lover, a poet, a jazz and blues enthusiast, a fisherwoman, a kayaker, a hiker, a volunteer and a brunette. I have a pacemaker, flat feet, essential tremors (just means my hands shake) and I am deathly allergic to bees.  Little hiccups in my life but nothing to slow me down.

I will give you all my best tips learned over 60 years of travel. How to make packing easier, how to plan ahead, what to wear and where to go. I do this for fun and to document great travels big and small. I will give good tips for all women travelers, but also include special tips for the older lady.

My tips are not about how to get travel cheaper or the best deals available.  There are lots of bloggers doing that.  This one is just a lady that travels a lot for fun.  This is how I make it easier and less stressful.  This is how I plan.

Great travels need planning.  Great travels also need repeating.  Here’s hoping that you will be enticed to get up off of that couch and go and see the world and look good doing it.