General Tips For Travel, Tips For the 60+ Woman Traveler

A woman and her shoes, oh my!

Here are the big ugly shoes I needed as a child!

How can you travel if your feet hurt.  Your feet are what carry you on your trip.

No one ever said “look at her cute shoes to me growing up.”  No one! I was born with very flat feet. The Doctors intervened when I was 3 years old and made me start wearing ugly prescription shoes to help my feet.

Now I am in my 60’s and plantar fasciitis, flat old feet and one big bunion later and I am in misery without proper foot wear. Even hiking boots which were my go to shoes for years can start to hurt after many days hiking.

My cute shoes are orthotics!

The older you get the more money you need to spend on your shoes. Your body needs more support than cheap shoes can provide.

Luckily there are many new orthotic type shoes to the rescue.

I love Vionic’s and Ortha heels shoes and sandals. Very very cute. You can walk for miles in these cute sandals!  If you are a flip-flop type a person they also have great looking flip-flops that are better for your feet.  Lots of younger gals also like their sandals for travel.

I pack all my shoes in my carry on. I cannot replace them easily in foreign countries. The heaviest shoes are on my feet on the plane. I also like Merrell shoes and  Clark shoes but nothing beats the Ortha heel in my book.

These are my real cute black orthotic sandals that I wore in Myanmar. I have them in many colors. Ortha heel makes lots and lots of great looking sandals but, I have not found many full shoes that are attractive and work as well as their sandals.  I have their Walker tennis shoes in black to go with black travel pants. They do look like orthotic shoes but I can walk forever in them.  At least they are not white shoes, which look terrible in pictures.

Good shoes will correct your gait and make walking a pleasure.

For the first time in my life people actually say cute shoes! You can find these shoes on-line at QVC (which I like to go to first for the reviews) , Zappos, Amazon or ebay. Yes they will cost more but they are worth it!

You have to get used to wearing them if you have not worn proper shoes in the past. Wear them for an hour or two for a week before travel to get used to them.  Many people give up after an hour and say these shoes hurt my feet but it is just your body getting used to proper alignment.

Hey those can’t be orthotic shoes they are too cute!

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